Monday, June 1, 2009


1 Pyroelectric Fire Alarm
2 Telephone Call Recorder

3 DuoPhone

4 Mini UPS System

5 Car-Reversing Horn With Flasher

6 Short-Circuit Protection in DC Low-Voltage Systems

7 Inverter for Soldering Iron

8 Transistorised Logic Probe for TTL

9 Constant-Current Battery Charger

10 Multitone Siren

11 Generator Room Light

12 Liquid Level Alarm

13 PC Power Manager

14 Skin Response Meter

15 Solar Panel based Charger and Small LED Lamp

16 Electronic Bicycle Lock

17 Remote-operated Master Switch

18 USB Power Socket 16480

19 Triple Power Supply 16034

20 Smart Hearing Aid 11211

21 Midnight Security Light 22462

22 Automated Alarm Circuits 16520

23 Traffic Baton 15776

24 Laser-guided Door Opener 24378

25 Battery-level Indicator 24673

26 PC Temperature Controller 19445

27 Traffic Controller 23101

28 Night Alert 22086

29 Muscular Stimulator 16583

30 Wireless Switch 46766

31 Long-Range IR Transmitter 23238

32 Electric Window Fence Charger 5641

33 Three-Phase Appliance Protector 15488

34 PC Multimedia Speakers 26690

35 Aquarium Probe 17740

36 Bicycle Indicator 18972

37 Poor Man’s Hearing Aid 12458

38 Portable Lamp Flasher 15594

39 Staircase Light With Auto Switch-Off 20585

40 Car Anti-theft Guard 23996

41 USB Power Booster 27999

42 Smart Vibration Sensor 22324

43 Drinking Water alarm 33807


45 Versatile CMOS TTL Logic And Clock Probe 10178

46 Tester For Remote Control 21510

47 Automatic Low-Power Emergency Light 31162

48 Mobile Bug 47764

49 LED Lighting for Christmas 33234

50 Current Sensor

51 Seismic Sensor

52Dice With 7-Segment Display

53Motorbike Alarm

54Laptop Protector

55Shutter Guard

56Desktop Power Supply

57Mobile Shield

58Infrared Firecracker Igniter

59Automatic Phase Changer

60Flying Saucer

61Anti-Collision Rear Light

62Light Fence

63MAT Switch

645-Band Graphic Equaliser

65Clock Timer

66Fully Automatic Emergency Light

67IR Music Transmitter and Receiver

68Electronic Horn

69Ultrasonic Proximity Detector

70Secret Bell

71Variable Power Supply Using a Fixed-Voltage Regulator IC

72Appliance Timer-Cum-Clap Switch

73Telephone-Operated Calling System

74Front Door Guard

75Bell-Cum Light Controller

76Friendly Charger for Mobile Phones

77Hearing Aid

78Speed Control of DC Motor Using Pulse-Width Modulation

79Remote-Controlled Fan Regulator

80Low-Power Voltage Doubler

81Parrot-Sounding AC Doorbell

82Multi-Melody Generator With Instrumental Effect

83School-College Quiz Buzzer

84Visual AC Mains Voltage Indicator

85Simple Short-Wave Transmitter

86Solar Lighting System

87Infrared Bug

88Picnic Lamp

89Versatile Power Supply
90Ultrasonic Proximity Detector

91Shadow Alarm

92IR Burglar Deterrent

93Versatile Water-Level Controller

94Automatic-Off Timer For CD Players

95Heat-Sensitive Switch

96Sensitive Vibration Detector

97Digital Dice

98Remote-Controlled Power-Off Switch

99Little Door Guard

100Stress Meter


  1. hi...i m doing mini-proj. on mid night security light..would u plz send me possible info..on this topic... & plz send it my id...

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  3. is there any disadvantage in using mobile bug???
    can u please provide me with some more information

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  17. Thanks for this huge projects list. Its very useful.

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  24. hello sir, iam interested in doing a miniproject on skin response meter. can you please send me details about vu meter and touch pads.

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